Sponsored by YOUTH CONGRESS for Christ International
Hosted by the Ambassadors for Christ Ministries of America
and Saint Paul Christian University, Fairview, North Carolina


Youth CONGRESS for Christ International represents a group of united young adults meeting to take action and make a difference in the world today.  Youth Congress For Christ International was formed this year, 2016, to attract key teen-agers nationwide who are moved to make a difference.   Our objective this year is to meet. talk with, and identify teen-agers both here in America and abroad who are like minded and who desire to be part of this move of God.

Through anointed preaching, teaching, fellowship, mentorship, and friendship,  we seek young people with a heart for God to be a part of our YOUTH CONGRESS FOR CHRIST INTERNATIONAL

Please contact youthcongress@afcmoa.org  or afcmoa@aol.com for more information or to be a part of God’s movement.