Good morning family, friends, and saints.
Unfortunately, people only see YOU through the lens of their own past (or current) prejudice, pain, hurt, personal experiences or from what they have gleamed from their family, friend, business, or church circle of influence. That is why so many people become blind, jaded, unable or unwilling to get past their maze of disappointments to obtain a clear picture of you…
So, remember, It is not what others say, think, or do to you that counts. Often they are acting from a state of fear and ignorance. They simply don’t want to be hurt again. Therefore, the flesh of human nature is to attack what it does not know. Consequently, you must FOCUS on how you respond because you never know what someone has or is going through that prompts them to attack you.
Personally, I must keep the question ever before me: Am I responding as a Marine Warrior or as a Christian Warrior? There is a huge difference?!!!!! That’s my question, what do you have to ask yourself?
Was not Jesus sent to the Cross by people who made false assessments of who he was based upon hate, what they were told, pain, and fear of the unknown? Why then do we expect to be treated any different? We must understand the nature of flesh when it attacks and respond with the Grace and Mercy of Christ. (Even when we desire to knock the person’s head off, tell them off, curse them out, turn our backs to them, or show them that they are wrong in order to salvage our image)!!!
Remember, God IS ABLE.. He is not blind to the ways of men or women. He sees all…
Blessed Monday to you and yours,
++ Johnluke

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