Cardinal Dr Charles Hill Sr. celebrated his 48th year in Ministry at the 40th Holy Convocation of Ambassadors for Christ Ministries of America (AFCMOA)  in June of 2016 where he is the Patriarch of  and serves as the Chairman of AFCMOA’S Patriarchal Council which is the governing council for the Communion.

Cardinal Hill is a US Army veteran, that was honorably discharged for medical reasons. Once released from the military he began to pursue his true passion which was preaching the gospel. He received his first degree while pastoring in The AME Zion church. He was not satisfied and continued because now he was hungry for knowledge. In the process he met Superintendent EC Cannon and his life changed forever. Elder Cannon introduced him to the Holy Ghost.

Zion then said he had to leave with all that speaking in tongues and dancing. But Bishop Wyoming Wells of the COGIC had an open door for him. In the mean time he continued his Education and received the following degrees; Ba-Rel.ED, Minor in Pastoral Counseling, Ma- Clinical Psychology, Ma- Church Administration. P-TH, PhD in Philosophy, D-Sc.

Up until 2014 when Cardinal Hill decided not to renew his license, he was a Licensed Clinical Therapist. He decided to devote his counseling time to the Communion of AFCMOA of which he has come up through the ranks since 1976 where he started out as a Priest, or local Pastor. and now serves as the Patriarch and father to many.

He is married to Bishop Designate Angie Hill and between the two of them they have 15 children.