Driven by the desire to worship God in Spirit and in Truth, eight men (which includes our Cardinal Charles Hill, Sr. PhD,., DD.) formed Ambassodors For Christ MInistries of America (AFCMOA) in 1976. The men were focused on establishing a Communion that worshipped God and was not a modern day social club or entertainment theater. Cardinal Hill is the only living member of the eight members who founded AFCMOA. Cardinal Hill is the lone remaining Bishop of the first four elected Bishops.

Two years passed before AFCMOA’s ministry realized solid ground in 1978.

Over the next decades there were many struggles. We have had many face changes over the years.  Over the past 40 years AFCMOA many have been a blessing to the ministry. On the other hand, there have been others who had  designs  to destroy this Ministry. Many leaders in key positions left as well.  However, no matter what, the struggles made us stronger

God has mandated that the AFCMOA show  the various denominiatins how to support and serve one another to the Glory of God so that the Kingdom and of God grows and prospers.

“For where He has given the vision, He will also make provision. We invite you to become a part of the ministry today and a piece of its history tomorrow.”