Presiding Prelate: Patriarch, Archbishop Jamaal Broadnax, DMin

From December 7, 2016 to December 11, 2016 the AFCMOA shared in the many blessings bestowed upon one of our Communion Churches,  Greater Destiny World Ministries, which is now known as Greater Destiny Communion (GDC).

The support for GDC’s Holy Convocation was nothing short of outstanding. Episcopates and clergy traveled from far and wide to attend the Reidsville, North Carolina celebration. Archbishop Darel Chase, Patriarch of Apostolic Communion of Anglican Churches; our very own AFCMOA Provincial Archbishop Frank Bobo IV (who stood in for our AFCMOA Cardinal Charles Hill who is still recovering from cancer surgery) and Apostle Arthur Smith; bishop David E. Robinson, Bishop David Callands Jr., and many, many more.

Our beloved Cardinal Charles R. Hill Sr., Phd and Matriarch, Bishop elect Angie Hill were able to watch the Holy Convocation from Facebook Live and sent their love and blessings to all via Provincial Archbishop Frank Bobo IV.

The list of accomplishments are admirable, but we pray that Lord blesses each person with the love, grace, mercy, wisdom, knowledge, and discernment beyond measure to do HIS WILL in your positions
within the Kingdom of GOD 

  1. Name Change for the ministry: Greater Destiny World Ministries is now known as Greater Destiny Communion
  2. Greater Destiny Communion is now in FULL COMMUNION with Ambassadors For Christ Ministries of America (AFCMOA)
  3. Archbishop Jamal Broadnax was enthroned  to the position of Patriarch of Greater Destiny Communion
  4. Bishop Corey Alexander Jenkins was enthroned to the position of Archbishop and received Diploma in Episcopal Studies from Metropolitan Christian University
  5. Prophet Marquis D. Dudley was appointed to the position of Elder
  6. Mother Verdell Lane was appointed as the International Mother of Greater Destiny Communion
  7. Mother Dawn Darrah was appointed as the Local Mother of Greater Destiny Communion, Reidsville, North Carolina

To God be the Glory… Amen

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