Hello family, friends, and saints.
It is mid Friday morning and I have been moved about the subject of Soul Winning as it relates to the game of Chess.
Here are my thoughts.
The game of life is best equated with the game of chess. You have some people driven to win pieces and you have others that play for CHECKMATE.
We receive training either formally by reading books, being mentored, and by playing the game first hand. During this process, some people believe they are superior players because they can envision, anticipate, position pieces, and execute choices and strategies better than their opponents.
Based upon how successful they have become, they start listening to the hype of others telling them how good or great of a player they are because they can see ten moves ahead. Often though,these players become stagnant and stop developing their game. They lose sight of the TRUE OBJECTIVE.
With every win, they become more and more arrogant by playing inferior players who lack the same abilities or gamesmanship. They become addicted to winning pieces and positioning people to satisfy their pride, ego, vanity and self serving objectives: Albeit, in church, military, government, business etc…
Then one day they play an opponent envisions, anticipates, positions, and executes the game of life at least one move better. For example, if they can envision, plan, and execute 10 moves ahead, their new opponent can do all of the above but in eleven or more moves.
This is what happens with us and God. We must remember that God sees at least one move better than us. Don’t get caught up in the game of life trying to obtain pieces. Stop playing with inferior opponents. Know that the object of this game is SOUL WINNING.
What is the condition of your SOUL?
Don’t get caught up with obtaining pieces to satisfy your thirst for material possessions, bragging rights, or even to obtain self esteem. Don’t look up at the end of your game and find that you are CHECKMATED. Are you SAVED? Do you need prayer? Are you delivered? Follow the Holy Spirit and the conscious of God within you. Meet and talk with your local Pastor or Bishop in your community.
No matter what you read in the worldly press, there are great leaders within the body of Christ. The press don’t want you and others to hear about them. We must understand that hearing about good Bishops and Pastors increases faith among the people. Why would an institution that is not in support of Christ inform you of the Good Works. Don’t be fooled by the negative press about the vocation of the Venerable Priesthood. It is alive and well. Yes there are some questionable leaders out here. Where you find men or women, you will find the worst of humanity. We all sin and fall short. What I am saying is that within every profession or vocation you have good and the bad. Stop concentrating on the bad and find the good.
God be with you,
<3 <3 <3
++ Johnluke

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