His Holiness, Grand Canon of the Ancient Catholic Church,
Pontiff Cardinal Khern S. Oliver, M.Th., D.Div., J.C.L.,

Fairview, North Carolina, April 18, 2017: His Holiness, The Grand Canon of the Ancient Catholic Church, Pontiff Cardinal Khern S. Oliver, M.Th., D.Div., J.C.L., officially acknowledged to Cardinal Charles Hill Sr., PhD., D.Div., DD., Patriarch of Ambassadors for Christ Ministries of America’s (AFCMOA), that he will attend AFCMOA’S 41ST Holy Convocation this summer in Greensboro, North Carolina, USA from July 5 to July 8, 2017

His Holiness (H.H.) Pontiff Khern Oliver has over 18 years of ecclesiastical experience in classical Churches of various canonical denominations of Catholicism.

He began his ecclesiastical career in the Brotherhood of Saint Francis of Assisi (BSFA) of the Roman Catholic Church, the Anglican mission of the Franciscan Order from 1212 AD (recognized by the Bishop of Salisbury in communion with the Church of England in 1931 AD). As a Vatican Franciscan he was ordained into minor orders (1997), and as a Deacon and Priest (1998) in Derby England. He was initiated into the Sacred Order of Benedictine Brothers (2004), specializing in investigations of energy manifestations and exorcisms. With additional seminary studies in the Essene Orthodox Church, he completed a Master of Theology (M.Th.) in Catholic Mysticism from the Wedgewood Seminary of the Order of Saint Thomas (2009), and was elevated to Doctor of Divinity (Honoris Causa, for earned merit) in Classical Old Catholicism by the Chivalric Order of Saint Daniel (2010).

Khern was consecrated as a Bishop by the Old Roman Catholic Church in Lutterworth, England (2010), and elevated to Archbishop by Corpus Christi Ecumenical Fellowship (2011). He completed a Licentiate of Canon Law (J.C.L.) in Canonical Old Catholicism under an externship of Ignita Veritas University (2014), and was elevated to Cardinal of the Ancient Catholic Church (2014).

Canonically incardinated exclusively into the Ancient Catholic Church, Khern is not subject to the ecclesiastical jurisdiction of any other external Church, although by Canon law many Clergy and Bishops of his former Churches remain under Khern’s Episcopal jurisdiction as their ordinator and consecrator.

Cardinal Khern was strategically vested with multiple lines of Apostolic Succession by the 12th century Independent Church Movement, the derivative 19th century Old Catholic Movement, and the resulting 20th century Liberal and Reformed Catholic Movement, as a figurehead to reunite all of these movements, which are recognized by the Vatican. This led to his founding the Independent Rite of Catholic Churches (2010), culminating in the full restoration of the 12th century Ancient Catholic Church (2015).

After primary service and ministry in the Vatican Franciscan Brotherhood (1997-2004), he practiced active Episcopal ministry in Corpus Christi Ecumenical Fellowship (2004-2014), and the Celtic Church of the Good Shepherd (2008-2014). He now serves as the Supreme Pontiff (Pontifex Summus) of the 1st century denomination of Ancient Catholicism, as Pontifical Prelate of the Curia and College of Bishops of the Ancient Catholic Church.

Pontiff Khern continued the Brotherhood of Saint Francis from Reverend Father Superior Thomas Aquinas (from 2004), becoming the lineal canonical successor as the last remaining survivor of that Franciscan Order (since ca. 2010). The juridical patrimony of the Brotherhood of Saint Francis thus became canonically vested in the Ancient Catholic Church through Pontiff Khern (2015).

As the Ancient Catholic Pontiff, Cardinal Khern Oliver constitutionally holds the position of Grand Canon for the Order as a sovereign subject of international law, thus serving as a Member of Parliament (M.P.) in the upper house of government. As Grand Canon, he is the Chief Advisor to the Grand Mastery on all canonical and ecclesiastical matters.

Cardinal Hill is excited how God is moving our Communion. Come See what the Lord is doing!

Hotel booking for AFCMOA 41st Holy Convocation July 5-8
Studio 6 2000 Veasley St. 855-899-0231
63.00 nightly Wi-Fi available fully equipped kitchen
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Snack/ Breakfast 91.00 – 110.00 nightly
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Registration is $125 and can be paid directly by clicking this REGISTRATION LINK.

May the Lord Be With You and Your Family.



Posted by Shaun Adkins on Wednesday, March 8, 2017

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